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23.11.2023 23:00



Hypnotic driving techno, from deep / rhythmic to raw densities
- The lineup will remain secret!

The sixth and final event of this year’s secret lineup series. We’ve witnessed unique B2B sets, very special guests giving their all in our intimate space, and immersing themselves completely in the vibrations created by the moment, the people, and that fiery Water-floor on Thursday nights.

Why secret? In a world dominated by the obvious and the expected, where the outcomes are meticulously charted, there exists a yearning deep within us to break free from the shackles of predictability. It is in the uncharted territories of the unknown that we find the fertile soil for our spirits to thrive, to dare, and to truly Bloom.

With BLOOM – We want to reflect through the forms of ritual, unity, dance & community. We are committed in building a safe environment bound in a quality Techno scent, with the hopes of keeping the focus on the dance floor, and each other.