Matthias Meyer

Watergate 20 EP

Release: 30.05.2016


A1 Matthias Meyer – LA Strings
A2 Gorje Hewek & Izhevski – Turgoyakk
B1 Matthias Meyer – Uluwatu
B2 YokoO & Retza – Satori



As the dust only just begins to settle after the sensational release of Matthias Meyer’s Watergate 20 installment, it’s time to unleash the mixes’ exclusive cuts.
Kicking things off, Meyer delivers an enchanting ride with ‘LA Strings’, where whimsical pads rise and sweep as a hypnotizing bass line whirls endlessly across a landscape of earthy percussion. While still maintaining his trademark sound but taking a slightly deeper path, Meyer conjures up the super dreamy ‘Uluwatu’. Settled firmly in rich organic percussion and lush melodies, ‘Uluwatu’ jaunts effortlessly through overgrown rain forests and lavish emotions.
Next up is Gorje Hewek and Izhevski’s ‘Turgoyakk’ and it’s an absolute gem. Opulent pads, sensuous strings and powerful keys culminate in a profoundly vivid tour into truly emotional territory. Finally, YokoO & Retza deliver an impressive number with the dazzling ‘Satori’ which is laced with ornate keys and soft siren calls rounding up the release with timeless style. All tracks will be released together on one 12” vinyl and two separate EPs digitally.

Matthias Meyer Watergate 20 EP
Matthias Meyer Watergate 20 EP