Marco Resmann

Mix & Interview: How I Met The Bass #67


Q: Tell us about your mix. How did these tracks have an impact on your later doings?

The tracks in the mix played an important role in my career as a DJ and producer. Apart from the Kraftwerk tune, all of them are from the period between 1990 – 1997, the time when I got infected with the Techno & House virus and started to buy records and became step by step a DJ. I still love them all, they are timeless and still playable, which is amazing.

Q: Your tour schedule looks huge. Where do you find your rest?

Somewhere in between touring, studio work and family life. Honestly more while touring than at home with 2 little kids.

Q: Which Resmann and Upon.You projects are upcoming?

End of September I will release my third EP on Poker Flat Recordings. I’ve contributed a track for the 15 Years Watergate compilation, which will be out in November.
I also have my third EP on Watergate Records in the pipeline, which I produced together with some great talents from South Africa at the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town. Oliver Huntemann delivered a badass Techno Remix. Release date will be probably November or December. With Upon You we’re celebrating our 10 years anniversary and are planning a jubilee compilation as well. More info soon.

Thanks for the interview and enjoy the mix.