Watergate 26


Release: 05.04.2019

The dynamic trio from Copenhagen, whose music blurs the lines between countless genres, steps up to deliver the next installment in our Watergate Mix series. Jeep Kjellberg, Tomas Barford and Tomas Høffding, better known as WhoMadeWho, have spent the last decade cleverly and expertly traversing an array of genres blending facets spanning from Club to Rock Music. Applying elements of Pop, Indie, Techno, Disco, Punk and Funk and anything they can imagine, the outfit sets themselves apart from other club music yet, all the while they maintain an underground sensibility making WhoMadeWho the perfect candidate to take the the driver seat for Watergate 26.
The mix is quintessential WhoMadeWho as they slickly weave their way through a plethora of sounds without missing a beat. From the onset, deep and lush grooves coalesce with moody atmospherics on tracks like Öona Dahl & Dance Spirit’s ‘Break The Stillness’ and WhoMadeWho’s rework of Magit Cacoon & Lonya’s ‘Shma IL’ before slowly edging the intensity up into Artbat’s standout edit of WhoMadeWho’s Montserrat and WhoMadeWho’s remix of Concret & Tyu’s ‘BlueBlackYellowGreen’ where genres lines begin to blur. As the mix progresses the drama unfolds. Tim Engelhardt’s ‘Under Armour’ and Ruede Hagelstein & Justin Evans’ ‘Love Over Pyramids’ provide the ideal measure of psychedelia preluding an insanely slick transition into cinematic breakbeats on fellow Copenhagen cohort Kenton Slash Demon’s ‘Arp 8’ setting the stage for one of many highlights of the mix; Artbat’s ‘Closer Feat. WhoMadeWho. Moving into the latter half of the 87 minutes the trio dive into headier territories showing their affinity emotive moments with Otto B’s ‘Willy’ and their own remix of Alex Schaufel’s ‘The Day Of Rebirth’ which cleverly melts into sultry smooth, mesmerizing cuts like dOP’s ‘Radiowaves’ and WhoMadeWho & Ruede Hagelstein’s exquisite cover of Bjork’s ‘Violently Happy’ creating a gorgeous entrance for the finale. With a stunning crescendo Speaking Minds & Amarcord’s ‘Blue Days’ is a valiantly emotional and epic moment that is only surpassed by the stunning and timeless WhoMadeWho’s absolute future classic ‘Smile’ bookending a grand closure to a truly sincere and masterful
musical journey.


  1. Öona Dahl & Dance Spirit – Break The Stillness
  2. Magit Cacoon & Lonya – Shma IL (WhoMadeWho Remix)
  3. Chaim & Jenia Tarsol – Track I Did
  4. Mathias Schober – Bigger Than Expected
  5. WhoMadeWho – Montserrat (Artbat Edit)
  6. Concret & Tyu – BlackBlueYellowGreen (WhoMadeWho Remix)
  7. Tim Engelhardt – Under Armour
  8. Ruede Hagelstein & Justin Evans – Love Over Pyramids
  9. Kenton Slash Demon – Arp8
  10. Stereocalypse – King Not Naked
  11. Artbat – Closer feat. WhoMadeWho
  12. Clarian – Mixed Feelings
  13. Echonomist – At The End Of The Day
  14. Otto B – Willy
  15. Alex Schaufel – The Day Of Rebirth (WhoMadeWho Remix)
  16. dOP – Radiowaves
  17. WhoWadeWho & Ruede Hagelstein – Violently Happy
  18. Speaking Minds & Amarcord – Blue Days
  19. WhoMadeWho – Smile

Watergate 26 WhoMadeWho


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