Kink & Sierra Sam LIVE JAM


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Our Watergate Podcast for February 2016 is a special one! Kink and Sierra Sam’s exclusive recording of their analog-only live jam at Watergate in May 2014! This mix only contains new and unreleased material, created that special night!

It was back in May of 2014 that Sierra Sam and Kink brought nearly an entire studio worth of analog gear down to Watergate for an extended live jam on the water floor. Over the course of three days the two wizards constructed an extended array of vintage synthesizers, drum machines and effects units in preparation for their exhibition of unheard grooves and melodies. Both Sam and Kink are highly acclaimed analog artists and both have leagues of faithful followers as is apparent in their hefty tour schedules and Kink’s rise to #1 on this years Resident Advisor Top Live Acts poll, so it was a no brainer to have the two join forces for a night of purely improvised dance music mania. After talking with Sam and Kink, we came to the conclusion that the best way to deliver this was to let the people have the original performance so they can relive the show in all it’s authenticity. After careful deliberation and attention to detail, the duo have cut a portion of the original set and re-edited small bits for your maximum listening indulgence, so, turn it on and turn it up. It’s time to relive a moment of pure innovation and class when two of the finest live performers united as one. We hope you enjoy and a big thank you to Sierra Sam, Kink and everyone who danced on that historic day back in 2014.



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