Yulia Niko

Rave Girl EP

Release: 26.11.2021


1. Yulia Niko – Rave Girl
2. Yulia Niko – Fever
3. Yulia Niko – The Only Dream



Yulia Niko returns to Watergate Records with a trio of tracks showing the varied sides of her musical personality.

The Russian-born, Berlin-based artist first debuted on the label in October 2020 with the excellent ‘Manifesto’ EP. A year on and she’s exploring more experimental avenues thanks to the extra time and introspection the last 18 months have afforded.

The ‘Rave Girl’ EP is a colourful exploration into Niko’s musical mind. The title track was inspired by a real-life dialogue between two friends, and is a ripping dancefloor-orientated cut with a wicked acid underbelly. ‘Fever’ is a snaking groover, driven by a submarine-deep bottom-end and inky melodic flourishes. ‘The Only Dream’ found life from a jam session the producer had with the kalimba. The result is a dreamy breakbeat offering that sets the mood just right. An essential for any warm up set.

Yulia Niko Rave Girl EP