News 29.09.2023

In a world that never stops evolving, Watergate Berlin remains a constant where electronic music thrives. As we enter our 21st year, we embrace new sounds, adapt, and grow to changing times while staying true to our roots.
NEWS 16.09.2023
Watergate Open Air III
at Sage Beach, Berlin

Agents of Time
NEWS 12.08.2023
Watergate Open Air: The Spell
at Sage Beach, Berlin

Rey&Kjavik LIVE
Bondi LIVE
Matthias Meyer
Niki Sadeki
NEWS 15.07.2023
Watergate Open Air I
at Sage Beach, Berlin

Kollektiv Turmstrasse LIVE
Sarah Wild
Caren Callas
Label EP
Woo York
Samum EP
Release: 28.04.2023

Woo York - supreme electronic music duo make their debut on Watergate Records. The Ukrainian duo have a watertight reputation for crafting stunning dancefloor compositions, having released music on Life And Death, Soma, Dystopian, Drumcode and Afterlife...
Label EP
Gorje Hewek
Earth EP
Release: 17.03.2023

Gorje Hewek follows up last year’s impressive ‘Life EP’, with a new 5-track package brimming with collaborative spirit...
Label EP
Ede & Maxi Joni
Weine nicht Kind EP
Release: 24.02.2023

It is the connections to one another that show us what is important and take us ahead in life. Finding common grounds and sharing with others, blowing up magic hoods. Because you simply can't do it alone...
News 02.12.2022
Watergate Forever Spotify Playlist
curated by Jeremy Olander

Check out the new Watergate Forever Spotify Playlist, this time curated by Jeremy Olander!