Label 12INCH
Frankey & Sandrino
Nova EP
Release: 27.01.2020

Watergate favourites Frankey & Sandrino make a timely debut on the club’s imprint, with a classy remix by Tiefschwarz in toe...
News 17.01.2020
YokoO, WhoMadeWho & Biesmans
join W-Agency!

Our in-house booking agency is happy to announce first signings for 2020...
News 27.12.2019
Every End Is A New Beginning
27.12.2019 - 04.01.2020

2020. Das ist keine Science Fiction. Wir schreiben demnächst tatsächlich das Jahr 2020. Was wir einmal wollten, waren Friede, Freude und Eierkuchen für alle. Was wir bekommen haben?...
News 19.12.2019
Watergate Forever Spotify Playlist

Check out the new Watergate Forever Spotify Playlist, this time curated by Braunbeck!
Label 12INCH
Samsa EP
Release: 25.11.2019

Braunbeck’s punchy grooves and tender melodies have been sound-tracking Watergate since 2017 when the Stuttgart native made an unassuming Wednesday night debut at the O*RS label event in March that year..
News 21.11.2019
Watergate Forever Spotify Playlist
curated by GHEIST

Check out the new Watergate Forever Spotify Playlist, this time curated by GHEIST!
10 Years Watergate Records at E1

Aw Yeaa! Our premiere at E1 in London was awesome! We already knew that it's gonna be special, but this was one for the books. Thanks to the whole E1 team and all the London Dancers. You're the best! For those whos missed it – check the gallery!
News 12.11.2019
joins W-Agency!

We are proud to announce that INSTANT joined our artist roster for world wide representation!