Club Update

Watergate Club is actively introducing a diverse array of new collectives and fresh musical directions, marking a significant chapter in our venue’s evolution.

Key initiatives are in place to ensure Watergate remains a ground for creativity, inclusivity and freedom:

• Refinement of Internal Structures:
We are refining our internal operations and developing a sustainable awareness concept to create a safer club environment and prevent discrimination.

• Partnership with SAME BUT DIFFERENT:
We have partnered with SAME BUT DIFFERENT ( – to assess and enhance our club’s practices critically. An external expert from the initiative now serves as both mentor and contact for our staff. This collaboration reflects our dedication to maintaining a secure and inclusive space where guests and employees are respected and valued.

• Awareness and First-Aid Training:
We have implemented comprehensive awareness and first-aid training for our team. These programs are designed to equip our staff with the necessary skills to support and protect our community effectively.

These measures affirm our dedication to fostering our communities that contribute to Berlin’s status as a center of cultural innovation. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our events.