Diogo Accioly

São Paulo


We are happy to announce that long term Watergate friend Diogo Accioly joins the W-Agency!
Coming from Brazil, music and rhythm have always formed a great part of his life and identity. No wonder in 2016 he not only played several South America Tours, but he also touched ground in many European countries making people dance wit his unique style. Besides, Diogo holds a residency at famous D-Edge Club in Sao Paolo.


Standing out in a country so musically diverse and praised globally for its rhythmic excellence is no mean feat, especially when your craft is making people dance.
Diogo Accioly never shied away from the task, from his beginnings as resident at one of Brasil’s bastions of electronic music, D-Edge, up until his latest ventures in discerning dancefloors across the world.
His open-minded and wholehearted approach to creating original musical moments, be it in the booth or in the studio, have sustained a career that now spans a decade and landed him at clubs such as Watergate, Panorama Bar/Berghain and Warung, and his unique creations at labels such as Dessous, Suara and Murmur.


Diogo Accioly
Diogo Accioly